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Nov 1, 2012 7:30pm PDT
be educated, and he gave an incentive- he said if any father would see that two of his daughters are educated, god will give him a paradise. this is in the most popular records of what he did, what prophet muhammad said and did, the records of buhali and muslim- buhali and muslim, e havis- the sayings of the prophet buhali and muslim. and those volumes, you'll find that, where the prophet said that. and this is religion, so i can talk to you a little differently than i talk to the public, and in our holy book, the qur'an, as you know, the qur'an, god says he made you from one single nefs, and this nefs does not necessarily mean male or female- nefs does t have to mean male or female. soe made you from one single nefs, and they translate nefs in the arabic dictionaries or whatever meaning person, self, soul- soul- personality, taking all- the whole person, seen as the personality of that person. so this is the nefs- the soul- it comes from the soul; originally, it meant soul. so he made male and female from one soul- from one soul. and it says that- yes- and in the same book, he s
Nov 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
eiincomeevels m educe th translator:r i have children at school , so(eakiand at college. the fall in eiincomeevels that costs money, and sometimes we can't even afford soap at home. ( translated ): and why you send the children to school? for the future, their future. there's no more forest. if i keep a child here with me, where is he going to work? the tropical forest has been the scene ofuccleangnd...anlopmenof patio and rey mucheachedits mi. the tropical forest has been the scene ofuccleangnd...anlopmenof patio andung the 198, duri amany indigenous ivorian people that had beeli, say,n urban areas, moved ckan in ct,ere were man. there was little land le. teions have now enated arou li and considerable anti-foreigner sentiment. and...someases, tensousands. ere'sin sense--.ere's beenn not by the ivorian government, but it's peoe aring (some forest, i lied.nswees each year, we have problemsiv . feeding ourselves. narrator: and from neighboring countriese came to the sparsely-populatedt to find work on the plantations or obtain land. (animals calling ) ( man speaking french ) translato
Nov 2, 2012 11:30am PDT
are two measures that would raise money for education and money in education is in dire straits. it's okay to vote for both. i also do support gross receipts. and i'm a small business person, and i wanted to let you all know that i have done sort of looked what i pay now $9,000. i have seven employees and i pay $9,000 a year and i will pay $750. so for small businesses the gross receipts actually does help and does not put the burden on the little guy and it is progressive and so it does become progressively as you make more money. many one concern with small businesses there are businesses out there that have a lot of gross receipts, but they have no profit. and this is something that the only thing that concerns about those two things. finally i would be okay with reinstating the vehicle license fee at the levels it was before. >> thank you. candidate john rizzo, who could not join us tonight said in response to the survey that his "top policy objective was better management of the city." if the city's growing liabilities outpace revenue, what poorly managed programs could be reform
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3